SCRATCH RESISTANT Won’t scratch under normal every-day use. X X X
BATERIA RESISTANT Non-porous so it does not harbor bacteria. X* X X X X
STAIN RESISTANT Non-porous so stains cannot penetrate the surface X* X X
UV REISTANT Sunlight will not fade the color. X
EXTERIOR APPLICATION Durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. X X
HEAT RESISTANT Withstands moderate temperatures. X X
HEAT PROOF Withstands high temperatures. X
SEAMLESS APPEARANCE In consistent patterns, seams are nearly invisible. X
SEAMLESS SINK Integrated for a smooth, sleek appearance. X X
NATURAL BEAUTY One of a kind with unique colors, patterns, and textures. X
SEAMLESS SPLASH A seamless, contoured backsplash. X
RESTORABLE Easy to resurface. X
THERMAL FORMABILITY Moldable to fit unique applications. X