Porcelain Countertops & Backsplashes

Porcelain countertops offer high heat resistance, and incredible durability and hardness- 30% stronger than granite! Porcelain slabs are thinner than quartz, so can be preferred by kitchen designers when spacing is an issue. Porcelain is also extremely scratch resistant, water resistant and stain resistant – making it a great choice. One unique advantage of porcelain is it’s UV Light resistance.

Porcelain Styles to Choose From:

Alecra White

Anjo White

Arabesco White

Ancona Grey

Alecra White

Astria Sandstone

Benley White

Black Marquina

Blanca Aplino

Calacatta Gold

Calcutta Gold Sintered

Calcutta White Sintered

Cararra Gillt Sintered

Carrara White Sintered

Cement Gris

Cloudy White Sintered

Colton Sintered

Cora White Sintered

Crevola Gold Sintered

Fishbel White Sintered

Garda Gold Sintered

Katakana White Sintered

Laurent Black Sintered

Laurent White Sintered

Mooney Black Sintered

MT Pure Gray

Musie White Sintered

Nero Marquina

New Arabescato Unglazed

Plataca White Sintered

Polkar White Sintered

Pure Black Sintered

Pure L Grey Sintered

Pure White Sintered

Royal Batticino

Victoria White Sintered

Windtham Grey