Natural Stone has been formed over years with the Earth. Each piece is unique in color and pattern but they all have the following characteristics. These characteristics are no defects or blemishes but add to the beauty that Mother Nature made.

These are small voids in the surface of the stone. These can be very tiny and hardly seen or felt, or they can be large and visible.

These are hairline openings in the stone’s surface. They can often be seen and felt, but they do not go all the way through the stone.

Rough Spots:
Sometimes the stone is not as smooth or shiny as other parts. This is due to the minerals that make up the stone and not achieving the same finish as other parts.


Preventative Maintenance


Daily Care:
When cleaning your natural stone every day, it is best to use a mild soap with hot water or a stone cleaner. Avoid products that contain bleach, ammonia, acids, and abrasives. These harsh chemicals can break down and remove the sealer that was placed on the natural stone thus damaging the surface.

The natural stone will come sealed when we install it, but we recommend reseal every 6-12 months depending on what you choose. Lighter stones will be more porous than darker and should be resealed more often. Sealing the stone is a simple process. Start by cleaning the surface and saturate the space with sealer. After about 15 minutes wipe off the excess and the stone is complete!



Natural stone can come with some mishaps that are easy to fix while others need a professional technician. We are more than happy to guide you through these methods, but if you are uneasy give us a call at 508-816-3991 and we will assist you.

Cloudy or Hazy areas:
Sometimes the natural stone can look like it has a residue on the surface. This could be caused by excess sealer or cleaner.
1. Try cleaning with hot water and mild soap.
2. Try using the finest steel wool available and rub in a circular motion with a tad bit of pressure. Wipe with a paper towel and check.
3. If you still can not remove it, give us a call at 508-816-3991.

Chips, Scratching, Etching:
We recommend a professional to repair the natural stone. We are more than happy to help. Give us a call at 508-816-3991 to set up an appointment. You can also send us a picture of the area before we visit.

Most stains can be removed with a removal product. This will soak into the food, or colored stain top remove.

Do’s and Dont’s

-Reseal the stone every 6-12 months
-Wipe up spills as soon as posible
-Use coasters under drinks
-Use a cutting board always
-Use specific cleaners for natural stone
-Contact us with any questions

-Place hot objects on the surface like pots or pans. Hot plates or a potholder will reduce thermal shock to the surface.
-Use products that contain vinegar, bleach, ammonia. They will break down the sealer and cause damage to the natural stone.
-Sit or stand on the countertop.